Social Sentiment Indices powered by X-Scores

Using data from different social media platforms, blogs and news publications, Social Sentiment Indices powered by X-Scores (SSIX) aims to provide its customers with a set of tools they can use to assess the public sentiment towards a broad field of different topics. Such sentiment analysis can help to make well-informed decisions about e.g. investments, economic planning or politics.


Investors and traders need as much accurate and actionable information/signals as possible to make well-informed investment decisions. There is a huge market for information providers with different scopes. SSIX can fill a gap by providing social sentiment analytics, which have previously proven to be good signals of future stock movements. By offering the service in a multilingual fashion with a European focus, the product has an advantage over numerous solutions already in the market. Previous solutions are mainly directed at the US market and available in English only.

The use of SSIX for trading purposes is connected to PERACTON/MAARS, a multi-asset management platform that provides a new capability in identifying and ranking financial equities for investment portfolios provided by SSIX partner Peracton in a stable and consistent manner, as well as modeling and testing trading algorithms. The SSIX API can be integrated into the existing platform and add to the stack of information.

Market Insights

SSIX can further be used as an intelligence tool to be accessed in internal work processes. Using specific gold standards for different topics and industries, SSIX solutions can help to offer in-depth analyses of the developments in certain sectors and industries. Companies can follow the sentiment towards themselves or competitors, PR strategies can be evaluated in real-time. Product feedback can be directly observed and new forms of customer experience and innovation management become available based on such analyses.

The SSIX platform further offers high-value and customized new proposition aimed not only to distil insights from data but also to suggest actions to optimize business. These analyses can be run on different areas of interest (e.g. markets, products/services, specific companies, etc.) and support different business needs like the launch of a new product, business internationalization or brand consolidation.


The role of social media has massively increased over recent years both for public discussions of political topics as well as for political campaigns. The international discussion about the role social media played in Donald Trump’s success in his run for the White House marked the peak of such discussions and cast a spotlight on this topic. SSIX tools offer the possibility for an in-depth and real-time analysis of political discussions using data from social media, blogs or news sites. Such an analysis offers editors, politicians and the general public information on the sentiment towards parties, politicians or political topics. With a steadily rising number of sources, the SSIX screening of political topics can be a highly relevant supplement to classical tools of political analyses like polls. The multilingual approach of SSIX as well as the variety of potential sources allows the political analysis based on SSIX to be used for analyses on the international, national and regional level all over the world.

SSIX solutions can be the basis for a wide field of applications – don’t miss to make use of this!

This blog post was written by SSIX partner Dr. Jan Kleibrink at Handelsblatt Research Institute.
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