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Germany has elected a new parliament last Sunday and over the upcoming weeks, the coalition for a new government will be formed based on this result.

During the months before the election, the parties running for parliament ran public campaigns. As in any elections, this meant a boom not only for politicians and journalists but also for pollsters. Using SSIX technology, we have also run an analysis of the sentiment in Germany based on social media. (See also “SSIX screening of the German election in September 2017”)

While classical polls aim at predicting the outcome of elections by asking representative samples of the population, the SSIX approach was different. Based on data from social media, namely Twitter and Facebook, we have used SSIX sentiment analysis tools to analyze central political topics, parties and politicians with regard to its volume and sentiment. To give an example, we could show how often politicians, e.g. Angela Merkel, were discussed over time, what the sentiment towards them was and how it changed over time. This allowed us to show how the public reacted to certain events, to statements and developments and how that shaped their opinion towards candidates (or parties/topics) in real time.

The tool was embedded in the websites of Handelsblatt – Germany’s most read business daily – and Wirtschaftswoche – one of the most read German business magazines. Both brands are highly prestigious and standard reads for the political and economic elite. This is an important step for SSIX as it has heavily increased its visibility for potential customers – not only for the political analysis but also for other applications, e.g. the financial markets.

Besides, it was the first real-world pilot application of SSIX in another language than English. It showed the high potential that SSIX has as it is adaptable concerning language and field of application. After the successful screening of the Brexit vote in the UK in 2016, the second public pilot of the SSIX technology successfully showed the broad operational area of SSIX.

Previous applications have shown that SSIX is not only a highly useful tool for analyses in the financial domain – it can also we successfully applied in the political area.

This blog post was written by SSIX partner Dr. Jan Kleibrink at Handelsblatt Research Institute.
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