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In the recent blog post “Employing Social Sentiment Data for Investment and Trading: An Introduction (Part 1)”, we’ve explained that paying attention to the sentiment in social networks can be of great value for traders and investors.

Let’s now turn our attention towards those people who observe the world of finance and report about it: media representatives like editors, journalists or bloggers. These days, the competition for public attention is harder than ever. Traditional media houses are under extreme pressure from online sources and these compete for clicks and views. The half-life of information decreases at an accelerating speed.

In this situation, the instinct to know where the public attention will be drawn is of vital importance. If you do not want to rely on your instincts alone, SSIX can guide you!

Media representatives are under pressure to produce high performing editorial content in terms of e.g. web traffic, advertising monetization, engagement, and social sharing. Using SSIX, we are able to provide deep and reliable financial trend topics, enriched by sentiment analysis, giving the editorial teams more confidence about their financial news production.

Hence, we recognise topics and opinions that draw major public attention early and predict where the discussion will go. This gives SSIX users the possibility to be the first movers on trending topics and have the crucial advantage over competitors to win attention by detecting the right topics early.

Follow our blog to learn more about the possible application of SSIX in the upcoming months. If you want to discuss the concrete possibilities to use SSIX outcomes in your business, you can contact us directly!

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This blog post was written by SSIX partner Handelsblatt Research Institute.
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