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Following the multilingual approach for Sentiment Analysis described previously, today the SSIX Project is pleased to announce the public release of two important pieces of software in our machine translation chain. We are opensourcing two new clients to programmatically access some features of the GeoFluent API:

Both software components are available under the business-friendly Apache 2.0 License. They have been developed by Redlink GmbH as part of the SSIX Analysis Pipeline; and recently they have been generalized so they can be used by anybody who needs a simple Java/Python native access to GeoFluent. Please, take into account that upon usage of the GeoFluent API you need to register an account there.

Notice that the two implementarions are not official clients supported by the API provider, so they are available without any warranty nor liability. Moreover, if you find any issues using these early versions, please report them to the issue trackers (Java or Python) to improve upcoming releases.


This blog post was written by SSIX partner Sergio Fernández at Redlink GmbH.

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