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The Eighth Framework Programme for Research and Innovation of the EU called Horizon 2020 started in 2014. Approaching the halftime of the funding period, the Ministry for Economics of North Rhine-Westphalia has organised a public event to consider the results of the first funding period and prepare for the second one.

So far, more than 450 Million Euros of the Horizon 2020 funding have gone to North Rhine-Westphalia in numerous successful projects. As part of the event, successful projects of NRW-based organisations were presented as best practice examples.

With the Handelsblatt Research Institute based in Düsseldorf as part of the consortium, SSIX has been chosen to present the project at the event. Among several hundreds of participants were ministers and members of the NRW government, representatives of the EU Commission and important representatives from industry and research.


Dr. Jan Kleibrink, who presented SSIX at the event, has informed dozens of interests about the idea behind SSIX, the project development and commercial applications. Interesting discussions were lead and fresh ideas are brought into the consortium for the development in the second half of the project duration.

This blog post was written by SSIX partner Jan Kleibrink at Handelsblatt Research Institute.
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