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On October 18th – 19th, the SSIX consortium has held its second general assembly in 2016. This meeting, which was combined with the second networking workshop organized by SSIX, marked the halftime of the project already!

Such a milestone marks a welcome opportunity to look back at what has already been achieved and to prepare for the second half of the project.

When thinking about such a retrospect, you can do this from several points of view…

  • in the logic of an EU-funded project: All deliverables were submitted on time, the project was successfully reviewed after the first year and we are well on time for the upcoming tasks.
  • in statistical terms: We have written thousands of emails, conducted around 100 telcos, prepared dozens of reports and demos, held five general assemblies, attended nearly 20 conferences and networking events and published 2 research papers.
  • from a project participant perspective: We’ve all got the possibility to meet and work with a group of highly motivated and qualified professionals from entirely different backgrounds and from all over Europe. We’ve closely and intensely worked together for 1.5 years now – we’ve supported each other, we’ve argued, laughed and drunk together.


A lot has been achieved in the project so far and at the autumn meeting 2016, we set the course for the second half of the project. The technical development is far advanced, the foundation has been completed and we are now starting to polish the services. The ever-increasing focus will now be the commercial exploitation of SSIX. We’ve learned a lot about the current state of art in the market, the demands of users and are preparing to enter the market now!

We will keep you posted about this over the upcoming months.


This blog post was written by SSIX partner Jan Kleibrink at Handelsblatt Research Institute.
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