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A slight weakening in the ‘Remain’ side can be noticed. ‘Remain’ opinion is still within the positive range, showing small volatility but a slightly downward trend, while ‘Leave’ opinion is gaining some momentum. Overall the monitoring performed shows us a side-ways/ horizontal ‘Remain’ trend as preference of Twitter users.

Percentage share of Tweets: 59.9% ‘Remain’ as of 22/06 (10am) compared to yesterday’s value of % 62% ‘Remain’ as of 21/06 (10am).

Percentage share of Tweets

Fig 1 Division of Leave (orange) /Remain (blue) Tweets (every hour)

From 15/06/2016, 06.00 to 22/06/2016, 10am

The following graph gives an overview of how strongly twitter users expressed their opinion in tweets.

Raw SSIX opinion data shows with + 0.2 a weak positive value, compared to +0.314 weak positive one we registered at the same time yesterday 21/06.

Average Strength of Opinions

Fig 2 Average Strength of Opinions [-1 Strong Leave; +1 Strong Remain]

From 16/06/2016, 06.00 to 22/06/2016, 10am

The volume of tweets is continuing to increase as we get closer to the voting day. In total there is a higher amount of ‘Leave’ tweets.

volumes 7days till 2206


Fig 3 Volume of Tweets over 1 week (every hour) and the ratio Remain (blue) / Leave (orange)

From15/06/2016, 06.00 to 22/06/2016, 10am

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