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Following the activities initiated last September in Budapest, this whole week the SSIX Project will be in Vancouver (BC, Canada) for attending the ApacheCon North America 2016.

ApacheCon is a well-established event in the open source community. For more than a decade, these events have brought the Apache project community together to meet, network, learn and collaborate in order to improve the wide range of Apache projects. Now that the Apache project portfolio has grown to encompass so many different areas of open source software and technology, it has become apparent that offering a single event does not provide enough time or concentration of sessions to meet the needs of the various projects. There are simply too many great projects with too much happening to fit into a conference this size. So as in previous editions, this year the event is also divided in two conferences: Apache Big Data North America and ApacheCon North America.

Apache Big Data will gather together the Apache projects, people and technologies working in Big Data, ubiquitous computing and data engineering and science to educate, collaborate and connect in a completely project-neutral environment. ApacheCon North America will bring together the open source community to learn about and collaborate on the technologies and projects driving the future of open source, web technologies and cloud computing.

The Apache technologies represent an important role of the SSIX core stack, including project such as Spark, Kafka or Zookeeper among many other. Therefore all the new developments presented in both conferences could have a big influence in the development of the SSIX Project in this second year.

Sergio Fernández is Software Engineer in Redlink GmbH and Member of The Apache Software Foundation, leading some of the Big Data developments regarding analysis processing in the SSIX Project.

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