Social Sentiment Indices powered by X-Scores

The SSIX project was presented, by Keith Cortis from the University of Passau, at the second International Conference on Big Data, Small Data, Linked Data and Open Data (ALLDATA 2016). The conference took place in Portugal, more precisely in Lisbon on 22 February 2016. ALLDATA 2016 was one of a number of conferences organised as part of NexComm 2016. It attracted several professionals from multiple domains, such as Big Data, Software Engineering, Networks, Digital Telecommunications and Multimedia. Several research and industry contributions on the mentioned topics were presented throughout the conference. The presentation raised a lot of interest on the SSIX project and concluded with positive and encouraging feedback from the audience.

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The presented paper titled “Social Sentiment Indices Powered by X-Scores” was written by the following experts: Brian Davis (NUI Galway), Keith Cortis (University of Passau), Laurentiu Vasiliu (Peracton), Adamantios Koumpis (University of Passau), Ross McDermott (NUI Galway) and Siegfried Handschuh (University of Passau). The full paper has been published in the free-access ThinkMind digital library.

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