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EurActiv, the principal portal for information on EU policies, is one of the partners contributing to the success of the SSIX Project.


As this week guest blogger, we provide a collection of our most recent editorial coverage of financial markets and social media from across Europe. Now you only need to sit, relax and enjoy the reading!


Digital platforms competition

Catriona Meehan proposes a series of questions that governments should ask in order to ensure fair competition between digital platforms and app developers. More on this story 25/08/2015

Bad news for Europe

Standard & Poor’s has changed the outlook for the European Union from stable to negative after the bloc’s support for Greece and following Britain’s decision to vote on leaving the EU. More on this story 04/08/2015


Social sentiment analysis in Greece?

In Greece, hospitality is a concept as old as the Acropolis. But the country’s hated creditors cannot expect the usual warm welcome when they arrive this week to thrash out a third huge international bailout. More on this story 27/07/2015


Brexit fear and the Euro

Brexit fears haunt London’s roaring trade in euros. If there is a symbol of British ambivalence to Europe then it may be the euro itself. More on this story 22/07/2015


Meanwhile in the Czech Republic…

New EU rules that will force losses on big depositors and bondholders over the heads of national regulators could detstabilize banks in some countries and pose a systemic risk at the European level, Czech bankers have warned. More on this story 17/07/2015


Belgium to the rescue

Belgium has passed a law to cap how much so-called “vulture funds” can recoup from government debt bought at rock-bottom prices from countries teetering on the brink of default. More on this story 02/07/2015


Uber economy

The European Commission’s new proposal for a circular economy will try to exploit the disruptive power of tech innovation, such as Uber or Airbnb. More on this story 25/06/2015



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