SSIX - Social Sentiment Indices powered by X-Scores

About SSIX

Social Sentiment Indices powered by X-Scores provides European SMEs with easy tools to use social media data for their investment decisions.


SSIX Goals

  • Provide European SMEs with a collection of easy to interpret tools to analyse and understand social media users attitudes for any given target.
  • Enable these SMEs to exploit sentiment characteristics to assist them in creating new products and services resulting in increased revenues
  • Search and index conversations taking place on social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, and also including the most reliable and credible news agencies, newspapers and blogs.
  • Classify and score content using a framework of qualitative and quantitative parameters called X-Scores, regardless of language, locale or data architecture.
  • Using X-Scores framework to interpret economically significant sentiment signals in social media and news communications producing sentiment metrics, such as momentum, dissemination, topic frequency and volatility.
  • Using these metrics, SSIX will create commercially viable social sentiment IndeXes, which can be tailored to any domain of interest.

For more information about SSIX, please visit:

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